High Engagement Rates

SMS messages boast a 98% open rate. Email open rates average 20%. 29% of recipients click on a link in an SMS message they receive. Average email click-through rates hover around 2.5% only.

Leverage Interactions & Behaviours Through CTA

Never let an effort go to waste by retargeting interactions with the right call to action.

Instant Communication

It takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text message while it takes an average 90 minutes to respond to an email.

Personalization & Customized Messaging

Not all client lifecycles are the same. Creating personalized SMS interactions from custom field data value is easier than you might think.

ERP Bridge Integration

Keep Customers in the Loop

SMS campaigns have a much higher open rate compared to email open rate. SMS messages boast a 98% open rate.
Email open rates average only 20%.

Quick Access to Information

Nurturing content for long client life cycles helps raise the expectations without making false promises for logistics for example. No surprises and your leads remains in your pipeline.

Personal Alerts

Your SMS/AI system serves your sales team in various ways without being limited to client interactions. AI Reminders setup by the AI assists your sales managers in keeping your reps. and recruits in above their game.

Encourage Customers to Come Back

Retargeting, upselling, reviewing, testimonials and referrals works best when offered at the right time. Boom-o-Rang does that for you without having to think about it.

Mobile App

Access all your SMS logs from our Boom-o-Rang App. Receive daily email notifications and stay on top of your game.

Trigger Keywords

Models based on payment keywords during calls or sent by SMS often indicate a buying signal. Support the right conditions for the next step to occur and watch your KPI grow.

MMS Marketing

SMS with a perk by adding images and animated gifs or file attachments.


Application Programming Interface(API) is a software interface that allows two applications to interact with each other without any user intervention e.g SMS and LiveChat software.

RCS (Rich Communication Services)

SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling, and can transmit in-call multimedia.

Contact and Deal Management

Use our Boom-o-Rang API to share only the CRM information or access you need. Update SMS flows in real time based on your deal stages in real-time.

Live Chat Integration

Rollover Credits

Your prepaid plan come with SMS credits that are automatically transferred to the following period if unused.

Self-Cleaning Lists

Our AI system automatically remove an undeliverable recipient landline or mobile phone number from your list saving your SMS credits for you.

Full TCPA Compliance

Lion Sales Funnels uses the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) latest guidelines to enforce responsible mobile marketing practices. The TCPA ground rules is the first step toward compliant SMS marketing for your company.

Business Text Messaging

Want your manager to have the capability to send automated or SMS blast messages to their staff members? We've got you covered.

SMS Channel Reports

Get your daily SMS reporting by flow and source with your favorite KPI sent to your email inbox at your preferred time of the day.


We use REST SMS API for secure messaging. Seamless integration with the HTTP SMS API.

Website Integration

Trackability & Monitoring

Creating models from existing but unknown scenarios and acting on them.


Adhering to the latest compliant content practices and get your SMS accepted by mobile networks anywhere.

Send-Time Management

Automatically engaging at the best time of the day (or night) following previous point of contacts & lead preferences

Deals and Coupons

SMS deals and coupons brings you closer to a call. For high ticket sales, the closer to the phone a lead gets the less point of contacts from your sales team it requires.

Call Center Integration

Audience Manager

Audiences are made up of leads at the same stage of a given funnel. This making it easier for you to address just them without being irrelevant to the rest of your list.

Import Contact

Your company already have an email list and a CRM? Great! Just import your current contacts and start reaching out to them right away.


A missed call is a missed opportunity. Multiple missed calls can lead to a lost deal. Call centers can be unavailable due to various reasons, an SMS autoresponder give your team a second chance to provide an answer.


Multiple offices branches and area codes works wonders for open rate and reply rate. Highly recommended for SMS.

Calendar Integration

Custom Fields

Email custom fields can be easily imported to an SMS campaign and vice-versa. Call interactions with DNI gives us web sessions which can also be stored.


An audience can be seen as a list and segment as a filter. For example an audience on multiple time zone could be engaged with different relevant logistics information.

Metadata Collection

Your lead lifecycle has the power to equip your marketing team with valuable insights. Ask our team about the easiest way to start with logs to create or confirm existing model trends.

Inform your customers who don’t visit the website frequently.

By retargeting visitors and compiling their engagement within different segments of your audience allows your team to create more meaningful interactions.

CRM Integration


Receive all your SMS in a live chat like environment for your team to collaborate, use canned responses and implement new strategies with your sales managers.

Canned Responses

Simplify your staff user experience with canned responses that answers quickly the most common sales or service queries.

Away Messages

Use an SMS auto responder to let know that a message has been received and will be answered within you business hours.

Email Sync

Your clients don't read your email or rarely answers them? Try sending both SMS and Email together and let your clients or leads choose which channel is best for them.

KPI Report & Benchmarks

Get Daily & Weekly Reporting on your SMS KPI, new leads, response rate and lead to call conversion data by sources.

Push Notifications

Our Boom-o-Rang SMS/AI application sends notifications that can be configured for KPI, Leads, Messaging or Limited to Weekly Reporting or Disabled.

Text-Enable your Number

Did you know that your office does not need a company smartphone to send and receive SMS. Landline can also receive SMS.

Recurring Campaigns

Setup an SMS campaign once and let it run in the background without even thinking about it. Let the AI to the legwork and control triggers and content based on sales event and dates.

Popups & Forms

Start adding new leads to your SMS list by showing relevant content marketing offers to your website visitors and segmenting them based on their session activities.

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