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Interact Easily Through Live Chat And SMS

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Interact Easily Through Live Chat and SMS

Live chat has gotten very expensive in the last couple of years, namely INTERCOM as the leader. There are cheaper alternatives with all the common functionalities and more!

We have been using CRISP (France) for a few clients and we are very pleased with the integration capabilities and the price is very competitive. We use Live chat to intercept incoming replies to our SMS campaigns. Our SMS text copies have call to actions (CTA) with a high response rate (reply or inbound call).

“75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel.”

Live Chat Statistics

Gather information

Often we use the leads attention to provide us more information about what they are looking for. We often use reverse psychology technique such as "I know that you are looking for X" and very often the lead will reply by saying "actually no, I am looking for..." stating the product they are interested in. This saves a lot of time for the sales dept. handling these Live Chat Sessions.

Bridging SMS & live chat

Live chat is of course notoriously compatible with mobile users. It's also easy to bridge for incoming two-way SMS live communication. This allows us to track and aggregate like never before; web session for future SMS communication flows and decisions, call scripts or notes, email nurturing content decisions with dynamic offers to name just a few.

A live chat software such as CRISP allows you to grab the right data for your sales team specifically information on a lead's recent (or first visit) web sessions. For example if a user has visited a page providing information on "financing" and a specific product page... you guessed it. These can be easily pushed to the CRM for your sales reps. and be pulled during a call with the client.

Our process...

Our agency mainly use chat systems as a way for our client's sales team to interact by SMS with leads and clients. The sales team does this without having to use their personal smartphone from a computer. We simply use an API to bridge all inbound and outbound SMS received and sent from your existing live chat system.

Your sales team receives all replies on one screen, which makes things a lot more efficient. We can also push an history of the SMS text messaging campaign to the live chat. We also use specialized cross-channel SMS to Live Chat copywriting strategies that makes it more obvious for your sales team to get the intention of the lead early on in the first interaction.

92% of consumers prefer live chat

Once considered an add-on that made communication easier for the consumer and business, live chat is now a staple for most corporations. This arguably a consequence of long waiting queue of labor intensive call centers and slow email response times.

Companies figured out this often send shoppers to another merchant for this reason alone: accessibility. Pre-sale accessibility as proven to be a decisive factor for clients, as pre-sale quality increases the client grows more confident about the after sales service accessibility.

Phone, email, and web support still rank as important when it comes to instilling trust. But the presence of live chat exceeds them all — even if shoppers don’t use it. Compared to other methods of communication, 92 percent of consumers prefer communicating via live chat. Roughly 80 percent prefer communicating via social networks.

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