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Win Sales Objections Through SMS

Training sales for high ticket clients is challenging. Generally not an appealing career path, which of course does have an effect on the available manpower for the position, can be alleviated with proper client nurturing before the first call. Sales staff will prefer handling easy sales. Often this will translate into “less sales”.

Hot leads in high volume do not comes all year long, and sometimes on a 2-3 year cycle. With the solutions for seasonal dips addressed in our Roving Plans Sales blog article and nurturing will make a significative difference. Cooler leads can be warmed up with pre-handled objections with bespoke targeted (educational) nurturing sequences.

“To master handling objections, you need to prepare responses to common rebuttals from your leads to regain the upper-hand.”

Overcoming Objections in

Main objections examples

In the outbuilding construction niche we find that the following below are typically the main objections. Some of these can be pre-handled, the others are harder or impossible to handle because of the complexity that it would require in pre-handling (ex. neighbor or spousal objections).

The later are often handled by sales representatives on a day to day basis. Long Lead Times: “see our latest reviews”, “hand-holding automated approach up to the delivery”, “our suppliers and compared lead time”, “best prices”, “no waste in pre-cut kits”, “highest quality”, “outstanding support”, “headaches free”, etc.

Highlight why your brand is better

When faced with a client on the fence due to long lead times, there is a number of pre-handling gambits that will help. If it’s a timeline incompatibility issue there isn’t anything anyone can do, especially if it’s a seasonal project. What we find works best however is having a general bird-eye recommendation approach from observations of the market; lines such as “everyone is experiencing the same current lead time issues”.

Your competitors also have similar lead times so it’s up to your company to make a difference at the post-sale/pre-delivery level nurturing process. Timely information sent on the different aspects of the different requirements for site preparation, alleviating anxiety for other common issues, information and content marketing on hiring online for clients that requires contracting an assembler for pre-cut kits for example. YouTube videos on different topics of concerns for a build. Preparing for delivery to avoid unwanted issues and secure a positive testimonial or online review, etc. all make a difference on the perceived long lead times.

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