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Smart Content Marketing: Proven to Increase Your ROI

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Smart Content Marketing: Proven to Increase Your ROI

Thinking of marketing content as a relationship with leads and sales as a form of help with clients helps creating content that hits home. Always avoiding guessing during the process but relying on your existing relationship models, we help you setup ways and systems to offer the opportunity to your various client persona to tell you weather they find your content useful or not.


“70% of brand marketers and CMOs are investing company resources into content marketing strategies.”

Content Marketing Statistics

Converting leads by content

Having various types of content for different product nurturing processes and different "suggested purpose usage" for example for outbuilding construction kits, allows us to move a lead from an awareness state to an evaluative state, to the conversion type of content depending on the feedback on the content. The way a lead interacts with the content and the systems allows us to tag and deliver the proper message that moves the lead forward in the funnel.

Ping content workflow

Our agency likes to work with a 1 or 2 clients at a time, that way we can focus on producing a Smart Content Marketing Lifecyle that supports the various communication channels. It then becomes possible to offer custom nurturing packages directly to the leads with our Ping Content Master flows.

This flow provides several options for the lead that can then click on an email or SMS link that will trigger a flow for the chosen topic of interests. If the lead stops interacting with the content, this can also be detected and a touchpoint can be done to improve the accuracy of the Smart Content.

Smart Content Lifecycle system

Here are some ideas of content made for an outbuilding construction company in the Vermont. Often a once in a lifetime decision, selling tiny houses and post and beam storage buildings requires a lot of nurturing.

To achieve this we use our Smart Content Lifecyle System; for each stages of a client or lead lifecycle there is content that either help or better avoided to promote movement in your sales pipeline.

Smart Content Lifecycle stages


FAQ 9.0 – Beta 1.1


Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing provides unparalleled opportunities for generating new leads and connecting with existing customers.

Content marketing is a viable and cost-effective way to acquire new customers and build stronger connections with existing customers by creating and distributing valuable relevant content to attract attention and drive traffic to your website.

But if you want your content marketing efforts to be effective, it’s necessary to create relevant and valuable content for your target audience through which you can promote your brand, products, or services.

Benefits of content marketing

Content marketing is important because it provides:

  • Opportunity to grow your customer/client base
  • Ways to strengthen loyalty with existing customers/clientele
  • Chances to make use of search engine optimization which can help boost your exposure and conversions
  • Avenues of creative exploration to develop your brand image and voice

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How to Use Online Survey to Improve Content Marketing

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How to Use Online Survey to Improve Content Marketing

Often outbuilding construction companies will run out of gas trying to create new content for their email lists. It's a good rule of thumb to avoid guessing as much as possible when creating marketing content.

Surveying members of your qualified lists indirectly on what content "they need" to "move forward in your funnel" or "make a purchasing decision" indirectly will lead to: improved engagement, successful goals for example with the content's call to action or historical digital marketing KPI improvements for your company.

Plan out the release of your content

Content marketing creation is expensive when doing business with a traditional marketing company. Our agency has a different approach. QUALITY is important but QUANTITY plays a determining part in your ability to keep your lists alive. Therefore a calendar with a trickle strategy on the content to avoid running out of gas should be planned before investing time.

Investigate how you can use influencers

Your leads watches all sort of DIY video content on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be too elaborated, the idea is to stay in touch with their followers. If you can’t find a way to do this yourself, consider looking at our blog article on top DIY influencer marketing strategies for outbuilding construction companies.

You can also ask your best leads and clients what they are following online and think of a partnership or an affiliate program that make sense for you and them.

Re-engage inactive leads

In the case of a lead that stops interacting with your content, consider stopping all communications as soon as possible. Before doing so, we recommend trying one more time to re-engage the "stalled lead" with a message copy such as "tell us what we did wrong... we did a mistake!". Make sure a priori to only allow consenting leads into your lists and avoid having dead leads in the first place.

Email Footer Surveys

The unsubscribe SPAM-ACT/GDRP link should always be at the bottom of each email. We also like to add a “Is this content relevant to you? – YES | NO” question in the footer for content improvement.

Having a “Report any ERROR, OMISSION or SUGGESTIONS for our content | HERE” will save your team’s resource and sometimes prevent “damages” as a system that allows leads and clients to report issues with the content.

Sometimes this can slip through the cracks or just isn’t relevant to the targeted segments the email is being forwarded to with an automation that needs troubleshooting.

Some examples...

Here is a few screenshots of what this looks like and the forms + thank you pages for reporting. We also have a follow-up on the content not being relevant to a lead “report”. This message is sent whenever a lead reports an email “as not relevant to them.”

What you can do from content surveys

In creating content marketing you strive to accomplish several goals at the same time. This information is valuable and will help you create future content. While giving “your audience” interactive content, you’ve uncovered improved your content marketing and not only your product or service. That’s exactly what you can accomplish with a content marketing survey for leads that are higher up in the funnel (not yet ready to buy).

Preparing for future content

In other words, when you send out a content marketing survey to your customers or followers, you’re giving them an engaging piece of content to interact with. At the same time, you’re gathering info that can help you pick and choose subjects and formats for future publications. That will help you put together new material or adjust your content marketing strategy.

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