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Outbuilding Manufacturing Industry Email Marketing 101: Nurture Your Leads

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House Movers Email Marketing 101: Nurture Your Leads

An email campaign effort justifies only itself by understanding the following Key Performance Indicators: open rate, click rate and of sometimes conversion rate (not always predefined as a sale).

Corporate looking email for brand awareness campaign does not justify the cost of the effort if conversion goals or KPI targets are not predefined.

“SMS marketing helps build an email list while email subscriptions provide valuable insights for sending personalized messages to SMS recipients.”

SMS vs. Email

Optimize your KPIs

Email marketing 101. Our agency wants to make sure our clients are familiar with their email open rate, click rate, conversion rate (call or purchase) and unsubscribe rate. We keep the “bounce rate” KPI for our systems. We use it to keep your email lists clean and optimize your campaigns, as well as to avoid false counts for your KPI.

Now open rate, which is the first KPI in the lead journey, can be optimized with deliverability and infrastructure auditing. Dynamic subject lines including updated prices and current sales name can also be added.

Urgency can be used and “called” on the final days of the sales. This will both have a positive effect on the open and click rate KPI. We find that these strategies will help us get the attentions of stragglers that wait the final hours of the sales to pull the trigger. We do not need to change any our email templates for these. New value can easily be injected the scheduled emails using bulk actions if your email autoresponder allows dynamic content and bulk actions.

KPI tips and tricks

Here is an example with a countdown and dynamic product types based on the logistic requirements for shipping those. We also combine traditional charm pricing strategies such as digit drop, coupons, seasonal offers, etc.

Why are KPIs important?

KPIs are important because they provide metrics to create effective email campaigns that successfully connect with the business's audience, grow customer base, make sales and increase overall revenue for the business. Here are ways KPIs help a business:

Improve strategy
By tracking metrics such as KPIs for emails, a business can assess the strengths and weaknesses of its marketing campaign. This is important to help make monetary and time investments that offer a good return. When a marketing team discovers that certain email content, including subject line, call to action and images, video or text within an email, receives the desired result, they can repeat this success with similar content. Also, when KPIs reveal a weakness in the campaign strategy, marketing teams can determine what causes this and improve their content or their technique.

Track consumer opinions
KPIs can help track the opinions of consumers. Knowing what consumers like and dislike helps marketers create content, adjust campaign strategy and create better products or services for their customers.

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